Reinvent You

Change is everywhere right now. In the past three years I have personally undergone enormous change.  Thirty six months ago I was working as a fashion editor, speaking at fashion events and styling women.

Fashion was my passion - almost an obsession - and then it wasn’t! I slowly began to realise that I was more interested in what was going on inside people than what was happening on the outside.

I wanted to stop people living small boring lives and teach them that they had the ability to transform - to  recreate who they are. But first I needed to recreate myself.

So what did I do? 

First I decided what I really wanted. I wanted to inspire, motivate and support people to live great big huge lives. I realised early on that I would need some heat. I was born without a discipline gland. I actually have no personal discipline what so ever! The only thing that gets me moving is passion. If I am passionate about something it happens. If I am 100% in then look out! If I don’t feel passion for something then I really struggle to make shit happen. 

I needed some accountability and some heat. Someone behind me with a whip and a clip board checking that I was doing all the things I was claiming I was ‘gunna’. I searched the country high and low before hearing about a business school based in Australia called Thought Leaders Business School. This is a school where clever people learn to be commercially smart. Through brilliant IP and an incredible group of mentors each student is challenged to lift their game, to do their thing well, and to increase their income and their impact on the planet.

I then needed to do some planning!

How was I going to have time to achieve all these new goals and plans? I created The Purpose Planner and started having regular meetings with myself.

I planned my weeks, mapped out my months and locked in time for all the priorities in my life.

Building a new business is hard - especially when you are building a family as well. I realised that I needed some support. I needed to make sure that if I was going to be of use to the people I could help in the world I needed to make sure my own needs were met. I employed a wonderful business manager, Mikayla, who helps, advises and supports everything that I do. Having Mikayla take care of the stuff that I am terrible at allows me time to do more of the stuff that I love and am good at.

Five steps to reinvention:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Apply some heat
  3. Do some planning
  4. Get your needs met
  5. Sort your self care

So my new life involves speaking at amazing conferences, training groups of people to increase their energy, effort and enthusiasm, and writing books. It's my dream job and I created it all myself!

90 Days For You

I have also created a 90 day programme that can help you re-think and re-jig your world. Not a course that gives you even more to do in your already overstuffed week, but a daily dose of inspiration where we hit on the 12 things that you need to assess to reinvent your world. Next intake kicks off 23rd of July!

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Mikayla Whetton