Barfoot & Thompson loves Lisa! Her message, her delivery, her honesty, her energy and her wit. At our recent frontline day - for all our administrators across our branches in sales and property management, we saw so many lights ‘switching on’ throughout the session. Lisa does her research to ensure she delivers what is wanted and needed and ensures her message is pertinent to the attendees and aligns with the company values and the goals for the day.

Lisa O’Neill is truly a talented speaker, her energy and passion are contagious and her delivery is hugely informative and full of humour. We love her message on being kind to yourself and will be implementing many of her ideas into our lives. We have had the pleasure of hearing Lisa speak on a number of occasions and can honestly say that we would never tire of hearing her, for many of us at Barfoot & Thompson, she is the best motivational speaker we have heard.

Lisa has a variety of presentations, all delivered with the right level of energy, poignancy, empathy, humour and laughter aplenty and a few tears as we had our aha moments. Our goal was to have our administrators feel valued and appreciated. Lisa got that message across perfectly and made the day the success it was. Simply can’t get enough of Lisa or her message.
— Tania Greig, Barfoot & Thompson
WOW a night out with this girl and you’ll never see life the same way again!!!
Lisa spoke at our 2016 ASC conference for school administration staff . We have 300 women attendees and she was simply brilliant . Enthusiastic , passionate and joyful with a great message Lisa stunned our delegates with energy and a lot of laughs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa for any type of speaking engagement. We look forward to working with Lisa again at our other conferences through New Zealand.
— Wayne Jamieson CES
The Retail NZ team absolutely love working with Lisa - she was the perfect fit as MC for our 2015 Top Shop Awards. Her high energy style, coupled with an intimate knowledge of just about every aspect of the retail mix from both sides of the counter, was sprinkled with just the right amount of irreverent humour and shopping insights for a nationwide audience. She had retailers, big and small alike, up and down the length of the country, chuckling at her local and international customer service anecdotes, as well as sharing perhaps the single biggest secret tip that gets her handing over her credit card in-store every time. “Tell them it’s the last one….in New Zealand! It works on me every time.
— Mark Johnston CEO Retail NZ
Lisa has a wonderful energy and ability to connect with people from all walks of life.
Having you as my mentor has been an absolutely fabulous experience and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. You’ve really helped me kick start my business and I don’t believe I would have made the same progress as I have without you. What I’ve really enjoyed about the time we’ve spent together is your passion and energy. You can’t help but get pulled into it on the mentoring journey. Thank you for the inspiration you have provided. I am very grateful to have you in my life.
I found myself laughing in my head all day re thinking all you shared with us last night, Lisa. Thanks for a happy, happy night.
I do not know where you get your energy from!! What an inspiration you are, haven’t enjoyed myself in SO long — thank-you.