I have a confession to make

I hate summer holidays. It’s not like I haven’t given them a try - for the past 20 summers I have been lugging kids and food and bags of towels around, hiding from the sun and trying to pretend that I am enjoying myself!

I don’t like heat or beaches or sunscreen. I hate mosquitos. I think summer is the worst.  My idea of a perfect summers day is spent in an air-conditioned theatre watching a movie!

This year I have finally confessed to my family that this summer holiday bullshit is really not for me - actually I think they already knew but this year I have come out. No more pretending.

It helps that the kids are now older and can take care of themselves - the first 10 years as a parent I was like a pack horse that carried every possible thing we may need (but usually didn’t need). A screaming pack horse - constantly yelling & stressing about sun hats and sun block and water safety. Where is the fun in that?!

It’s not just the heat and the sun that’s the problem. Summer holidays also involved several other things that I don’t enjoy - casual clothing, compromise, collaboration and purposeless days!

Sitting around - waiting on people to agree on how we spend the day is also something that drives me nuts! I spend most of my holidays in a constant tension between trying to be in a state of forced relaxation and trying to be flexible and referee everybody’s happiness.

This year is different

I am on holiday but I am not doing what doesn’t serve me. Want to go boating - go right ahead. I think I’ll just stay here thanks. I am outdoors before 9am and after 4pm - there rest of the day involves indoor or shade activities!

Awareness is a big part of living a magnificent life - awareness about what you like, what you want and what works for you. Spending time on self awareness is incredibly valuable. I figure if I am going to spend the rest of my life with myself then I might a well get to know and like who I am!

Mikayla Whetton