I love effort - I love going the extra mile

I made an effort yesterday. I put on a surprise party for one of my very special friends. Nothing too huge - 40 people for a high tea - but it was an effort. It was a joy. It made me feel warm. It made him feel loved. It was worth every bit of effort that I put in.

I love effort - I love going the extra mile

The extra 20% between great and excellent has always interested me.

I am writing a book about effort at the moment. I believe that effort is the difference between existing and truly living.

Getting up and going through the motions of life is existing. It's about clothes and food and jobs and obligation and ‘shoulds’.

Effort is about love and joy and pleasure and fun and energy. It's about going the extra mile, it's about doing a bit more towards something you are passionate about.

Many people have no interest in effort. They want an easy life. The have decided that good enough is enough. Some people believe average is their zone - they believe that average is fine. That is where they are happy and they never strive for anything more.

But what if you are not happy? What if you want more?

I meet many people who are great. Their lives are great, they are great, but they have plateaued. They have settled for great. I always challenge them to stretch, to look deeper, to lift their eye-line higher and to imagine what their world would look like at magnificent!

Effort looks different for different people. For someone who is struggling - an effort is to get dressed and leave the house. For someone who is shy - an effort is to attend a networking event for an hour. What is an effort for you? What would stretch you? What would be worth striving for? Who is worth an effort in your life?

Mikayla Whetton