Mark Twain wrote of Spring fever and I think I have it!

After a crazy busy August I have spent the first 10 days of Spring feeling refreshed, renewed and raring to go. I have been spring cleaning, clearing clutter and rearranging everything that I come into contact with.

I have been evaluating all of the stuff in my world and whether or not it still serves me.

William Morris said “Have nothing in your life that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

They are great categories - useful & beautiful.

Is it useful? Do you love it? 

In my book The Lickable Third I write about how all of our ‘stuff’ fits into three categories:

1/3 of it you love. 1/3 of it is useful. 1/3 of it is shit!

Think about all the zones in your house - the kitchen, the pantry,  your bedroom, the linen cupboard, your office, the bathroom…

In each of these areas I reckon you have 1/3 of things that you either don’t like or don’t need. For example - 1/3 of the stuff in your kitchen is useful. The can opener, your dinner plates, a sharp knife…

1/3 of it you love. The perfect wooden spoon, your favourite knife, a special coffee cup…

1/3 of it is useless shit. Clutter. Stuff that is never used and is taking up space and energy. That old bread maker, containers without lids, chipped plates…

Just thinking about the stuff in your world is a great start.  Start to notice stuff - notice the old tea towel that you never choose, notice your favourite things that you are always reaching for. Look around the spaces, drawers and cupboards and really think about the contents. Do you love it? Do you need it?

Warning! This process is addictive!

Start small - the bathroom cabinet or a drawer full of old pens and keys… the more you do the more you will want to do. The bliss of living in a space that only contains things that you like is so satisfying. 

Make a list of new things you would like - there is no rush to replace old things but its great to have plan of what you want or need to have.

Cooking becomes more fun when you have a lovely frypan, making the bed becomes a pleasure when you have a new duvet. Replacing old yucky things with new gorgeous ones is the reward you get once you have removed the un-lickable third! 

Don’t race out and buy more stuff - do it slowly and consider what it is that you really really want. For an item to take up residence in your space it needs to be special - you deserve that!

Mikayla Whetton