Shits in our pool

As a child I had a cousin who was a serial offender when it came to pooing in swimming pools.

I am not sure whether this was a reaction to being relaxed in the water or if he just found everyone else’s reaction incredibly funny.

For those of us in the water it was not funny - the faster you run away from ‘a floater’ the quicker it seems to follow you. I was explaining this to a woman I am mentoring, and how ‘code brown’ can be a problem in everyday life. The thing you are moving away from will often follow you!

We all have things in our lives that we wish would go away. As we move through our busy days and weeks, there are often little things that we overlook. Things we messed up, things we handled badly, things that need putting right.

These become shits in our pool. Little annoying floaters that need removing. And just like floating shit, it gets harder to clean the longer its left!

An email that you forgot to reply to. A bill you forgot to pay. A party invite you never replied to. A phone call that you’ve been putting off. These are regular code browns for me. In my weekly meetings with myself, I like to check the state of my pool - what needs cleaning, what needs dealing to.

For nearly four months I have been dealing with a floater - something that I knew I ‘should do’ but could not bring myself to deal with - not because it was particularly hard or difficult. It was just something that I did not see much value in, something that was just a nuisance. On Monday it was all too much - I did it, I looked into what I had to do and I emailed the response. Done. It took a total of 25 minutes. The person involved was very grateful and I feel like I have lost 10 kg!

The weight of unfinished business or mess that we leave in our wake can absorb a lot of energy.

  • What do you have floating in your pool?  

  • What is something you can do today that is going to reduce your stress?

  • What small bit of action will lighten your load?

Having background stress is like having apps constantly open on your phone - using up energy without you even realising it! The benefits are huge - now go and clean up your pool!

Mikayla Whetton