Fit? or Fuck It?

Its my birthday this week - and I have finally reached a cross roads. I have been teetering on the edge for a while but now a decision has to be made!

The cross road that I have reached is whether to make the enormous effort to get fit and trim or officially put myself into the “fuck it - don’t care - I’m just going to enjoy being fat” category.

Do people actually enjoy being fat I hear you ask? I have spoken to several people who have told me that it can be quite freeing - finally giving up the constant rigour of being trim and fit.

The pressure to sweat, wear stretchy clothes and drink smoothies. To be able to order whatever you felt like whenever you felt like it without a care for what that did to the size and shape of your body! Imagine!

Time is my issue - in my crazy overstuffed world - I am officially time poor. While each day I often start with the intention to head to the pool, to head to the gym or to head out for a walk - more often than not I find myself at the end of the day pouring glass of wine and then realising that I actually forgot to exercise!

It never has been my thing. I was one of those kids who lied to get out of PE class at school, I avoided all team sports like the plague and it was only when I discovered aerobics that I finally got some pleasure from burning my body fat.

The combination of fluro coloured lycra, loud music and a desire to be impressive on stage really did it for me. It was actually my first taste in motivational speaking. Getting 50 fat chicks to do press ups to ‘Burn Baby Burn’ was quite a feat.

But I loved it. I felt amazing, I looked amazing

I like the feeling of being fit. The strength, the posture, the improvement in my skin that comes from a good regular sweat session - its just making it a priority seems to be very very hard.

And every year it seems to get harder. Each year the battle with age, gravity and hormones increases. Every year I seem to get squidger, rounder and less firm!

I love my body. I like its softness, I am in awe how clever it is. It am delighted with its capabilities but there is a down side to getting heavier…. Firstly there is the actual heaviness - the extra effort that everything takes. Then there is the gorgeous things in my wardrobe that I may never wear again. Thousands of dollars of gorgeousness that is just that little bit too tight, too firm or too uncomfortable. And the lack of ease that comes with extra kilos. The knee groans, the tired hips and the uncomfortable underwear! (Writing this paragraph has alone made me want to go to the gym!!!)

Regular exercise ticks two boxes for me - it increases my energy and it makes me look good.

Being quite a vain energetic person this is important. So there you go. Vain & energetic - I have answered my own question. Looks like I have to make some serious diary decisions to get this body moving. Allocating 5 hours a week to shift my ample ass is what needs to happen.

There are 168 hours in each week - 56 of those are for sleep, 50 are for work, 20 are for showers, eating and food prep, 20 are spent with my family & friends and that leaves 22 hours for my cat, watching movies, reading shopping or I guess exercise!

And so on the eve on my birthday I declare that I will be going 5 hours of exercise each week. Starting now…. Who wants to join me?

Mikayla Whetton