Pregnant with Possibility

I am addicted to Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice. I am not musical. I do not really know anything about whether someones voice is good or not. 

As soon as the audition part of the show or the ‘blinds’ as they call them in The Voice is over I am out. I no longer care.

I was trying to explain to someone the other day what it was about these programmes that I loved and it finally became clear to me. What I love is people realising that they have talent.

They arrive all nervous and bent out of shape, tortured by the concept of whether or not they are actually any good and after 5 minutes on the stage they know - it is either confirmed or denied. What they get potential. They get told by people who know that they have a shot. That their dreams may in fact come true!

A year ago my daughter got selected for a national dance programme. She was picked out as someone who had the potential to have a career in dance. She has long wanted a career in dance, she has dreamed about it, worked towards it and there it was in black and white - an email that stated that she was actually good enough! Imagine that. She told me that it was like getting a certificate in her potential - while she had always hoped and thought she would be good enough now she had a piece of paper that proved it.

When people leave the stage in either Americas Got Talent or The Voice - they are suddenly pregnant with possibility. They have some affirmation that they can actually do what it is that they truly love and have long dreamed about. What makes it even more amazing is that the affirmation they have received is from a collection of people who are experienced and super successful in the very industry that these people are striving to get into.

Before you can have your dreams affirmed you need to work out what it is that you want. Many of the women who attend my events - when I ask them what it is that they want in their lives, out of their lives or to achieve during their lives, they stare back at me blankly. They have no idea. 

They are so busy running around be stressed and dramatic about the stuff that is happening to them that they have no time to actually think about what it is that they want to do or be.

They have not considered their possibilities. They once had dreams and plans and then life happened. Paying bills, going housework and attending to the needs of others literally got in the way. I often ask people I work with what is it that you need, that if it you had it your life would be better?  Or put more simply - how could your life get better? Is it money or time or love that you crave - is it excitement or praise or joy that you are chasing?

I recently took 3 days out of my life and took myself away to a retreat. The clarity that I get from being away from my life always astounds me. It gives you perspective and power and often new vision. It resets your life. Like a software upgrade. You get more tricks - more possibilities and a chance to reset your life.

If you are ready for a rest - please come to my 'Less Stress More Yes’ workshop - it is a day designed to explore how your life could get better. How you could be calmer, happier and regain your personal power. Ideal for anyone who is exhausted, bored or unhappy and wants to get back to being the captain of their own lives….

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Mikayla Whetton