This is your greatest gift - lead by example and be a happy mother!

"You are the only person who can give your kid a happy Mother" - when I say this to groups of women, they become very quiet and sit very still. It's a hard quote to swallow for most mothers, as we are programmed from the time we conceive to put the needs of our child ahead of our own. 

Right from the day we find out we are pregnant we give up alcohol, caffeine and oysters. We rest and plan and nest. We push our bodies through pain barriers and sleep deprivation. And then we get to hold our prize, we get to fall in love like never before. We get to meet the new person for which we would jump in front of traffic or give up a kidney for.

I remember feeling flooded with love the first time I held my first son. I had planned to go straight back to work but now I didn't even want to leave the room he was sleeping in. The night before I had my second baby I remember worrying that I would never love another child as much as I loved my first. I was wrong. The minute I held her I was once again besotted. It happened every time. Four times. I have been blessed with four fabulous, talented, annoying and often difficult children. They are my pride and joy, my greatest frustrations and greatest teachers.

I used to read my children a book when they were little about how every time a Mother had a new baby her heart grew bigger. Mine did. Bigger and bigger. It still swells with moments of pride and it aches with moments of despair and hurt. It's a tough ride on the Mother bus. You go from being needed 24 hours a day to being discarded in a moody rage by a grumpy teenager. You sit and watch the dumb decisions that they make while trying to look supportive and then waiting to pick up the pieces when shit goes wrong. Good mothering requires faith, energy and a whole lot of happy. No one wants an unhappy Mother. Unhappy parents burden children.

I believe that children are happy when their mum is happy. Happy mums have the ability to change the world. More happy mothers, more happy children, more happy men. We are a powerful force, women. We have the ability to make everyone around us either happy or sad. 

Women are like shallow earthquakes - our moods radiate out through the family. I believe that it is 100% our responsibility to make ourselves happy. It is not our children's job to make us happy or our partners job. A good partner can make our lives better but it is not their job to completely fill your cup. You need to find a tap. Get a great cup and fill it. Fill it with whatever makes you happy... spend time with your favourite people, eat your favourite food, drink your favourite drink, visit your favourite place. Talk about all the things that light you up. You will be a vessel of joy and will encourage your children to live well. Our children need to chase experiences, to learn what they love and what they want. 

This is your greatest gift - lead by example and be a happy mother!

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Mikayla Whetton