All about love - lots of love!

February has been all about love for me - lots of love.

I am BIG on love. I believe that the world will be a better place if we can all be more loving, love more often and act out of love rather than fear.

I decided that Valentines Day being the official calendar date for love was the perfect time to launch my BIG Love events. These events are to encourage people to put more emphasis on self acceptance, self esteem and self love. Spending time learning about yourself, discovering yourself and creating yourself will result in you creating a product that you enjoy. A self that you are proud to be.

So this was the start of my February. Raving from the stage about the pillars of learning to love yourselves and our lives.

I love my life. I have created a life that suits me. Seems silly not to when it is my life!

I travel the country dressed in clothes that I love, speaking to people that I love, doing work that I love. Then I retreat home to my family that I love. Thats a lot of love! And people tell me that I am lucky. Luck has nothing to do with creating a life that you love. Creating anything big takes grit, determination and a shit load of energy.

I was born with a shit load of energy and for that I am grateful. If I was in school today I would be diagnosed with ADHD for sure! I have the attention span of a mosquito and get bored incredibly easily. This helps me to constantly create new and exciting programs for you all. I have crazy high standards for how I want to live and am a self managed control freak. I was sent something the other day on Facebook that said “I have ADHD & OCD - which means that everything has to be perfect but only for a very short period of time!” I love that.

February has been full of events inspiring people to live lives that are perfect for them. Helping you to get the skills and energy to make your life work…. BIG Love is about learning to like who you are, “Decode your DIVA” is all about becoming Dynamic, Interesting, Vibrant & Assertive - there is an online version coming soon! My mission on this planet is to help people create lives that they love. As Nathan W Morris famously said “ Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

Mikayla Whetton