Your Life. Your Terms

Twice a year I take groups of women to China - They are shopping trips, and many people confuse them for a week of blatant consumerism for spoilt, wealthy women. Wrong. So wrong!
I started my speaking career in the fashion industry, where I spoke about scarves and lipstick and the joy of finding the perfect top. But really I was speaking to these women about learning to like themselves — encouraging them to turn on their light, to realise that they are important, valuable and above all, good enough. Women will sign up (on mass) for an evening to learn about a scarf knot that will change their lives, but are more reluctant to attend an evening of self development on how THEY can change their lives!

Women often tell me about the reactions their partners, children & friends have to them coming along to an evening like BIG Love. There is resistance. Imagine if you changed - imagine if you became confident and happier and realised that you deserve to be surrounded by only the best! This could make the people your life a little uncomfortable. They could be threatened!

The trips to China are the same. The real gold in coming to China is that these gorgeous women get to spend a week on themselves. A week eating what they want, buying what they want, doing what they want. Most of them have dedicated the past 25 years to everyone else, to their children, to their husbands and to their jobs. They often feel guilty for giving themselves the
time and money to do this week.

I created these trips to make it easy for women to have what they want. Some travel alone, some have never travelled before. I am there every step of the way to guide them and boss them and encourage them.

Witnessing these women for a week is a huge honour. We laugh and cry and shop and eat. We sit around dinner tables and hear each others stories. We support each other, we learn about each other.

Travel is a great leveller. It opens your eyes and your mind. During this week many of the women finally have time to stop and reflect on their lives. To realise that just like the coats we are buying your life can me made to measure. Your tailor-made life. A life where you decide what you will and won't stand for. What you will and won’t do. What you do and don’t like.

A life that fits you and feels amazing. It may be plain, it maybe embellished but it is your life. On your terms.

They learn to be decisive, to put themselves first and not to stand back and wait. They go home happier, more aware and more assertive - with a few nice coats!  

Mikayla Whetton