Big Love Online


Imagine being able to say that you really truly loved who you are?

Imagine liking yourself so much that you stopped sabotaging your life, your body and your relationships in an effort to constantly prove to yourself that you were right all a long and you really are, in fact, just not good enough.

NGE - Not Good Enough is a disease that I believe all humans suffer from. With awareness and a little bit of work we can overcome this and learn to like and love yourselves.

In the past 25 years of working with women - often one on one, I have met women who hate their bodies, hate their lives and actually hate themselves. Urggh. That makes me feel sad and a little bit   sick. Hanging out with someone you love is brilliant. And because you have to be with ourself day in and day out, I reckon that the greatest project you can ever work on is YOU.

Make this year your year. Fall in love with you. Now before you can fall in love with you, you have to learn to like you and that means that you will need to have to get to know you.

BIG Love is an online workshop where you can learn the tools that will start you on your self love journey. 

Over the six week programme we will cover six topics, with videos and worksheets sent out each week.

  • Your Body
  • Your Heart
  • Your Mind
  • Your People
  • Your Environment
  • Your Purpose

You will become a member of a closed Facebook group where we can chat - Lisa will be live to answer your questions and you can share your self love stories… 

"When a Woman becomes her own best friend - Life is Easier." - Diane Von Fustenburg


Starting Tuesday 21st Feb - each Tuesday you will be sent video and worksheet for the week.

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Mikayla Whetton