A magical week in Shanghai

I have just returned from another magical week in Shanghai!

Last Saturday 11 gorgeous women took a leap of faith and boarded a plane to Shanghai in China. I promised them shopping and fun and great food. We achieved all of that. We did a lot of shopping! We had a lot of fun, we ate incredible food. We stayed at the beautiful Langham Hotel in Xintiandi. The staff were attentive, the service was amazing and the toilet seats were heated!

All of the women expected a week of enjoyment but none of them expected the deep sense of joy and self discovery that they got. Taking the time to stop, to remove yourself from your world, to get away from everyone and just dedicate a week to yourself is something that I would like to see every woman do.

Having a week where you do not have to do anything accept the things that you want to is a privilege that many of us have not had since our early twenties!

A week without washing, cooking or thinking about anyone else. Just a week buying what you want, (anything that you want), eating what you want (off menus three times a day) and doing what you want (nothing is compulsory on my tours!).

The first few days everyone is polite and being who they think they ‘should’ be. By day 3 the women faces had changed, they had softened and relaxed. The tension of life was gone. (the two hours of spa treatments may have helped!). By the time we arrived at the airport to go home many had made new friends, had a new appreciation for others peoples struggles and had bags packed with clothing that they had selected for themselves, the had designed their own clothing, chosen their own colours and had actually become more of themselves than when they left! It is such an honour to spend a week like this with groups of women from all weeks of life - the shopping is endless, the laughter hilarious and the experience is life changing.

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