Do what you want!

When was the last time you did exactly what you wanted? Not what you had to do or what you should do but what you wanted to do?

Doing what others want all day and everyday builds resentment. We have been taught that doing what ‘we want’ is wrong. That it is selfish and not ok. 

Doing what you want is powerful. It lifts your energy. It will make you happy. Building a culture of doing what you want and honouring each other for what they want to do is a great way to live.

I am self employed for this very reason. Doing what I want is a huge part of my life. From an early age I worked out that being told what to do and being boxed into roles was not going to work for me. The hustle of being self employed is sometimes exhausting but the freedom it gives me to phenomenal. The freedom to choose when and where I work and who I work with.

Obviously life comes with stuff that we have to do and so doing what we ‘want is not always possible. I believe that we need to make an effort to make it possible. More possible than we are currently. I meet men and women everyday who are so bogged down with responsibility and should that they are barely existing. Plan stuff you want to do. Put some support around it and make it happen. Support your partner to do what makes them happy and in turn ask that they support you.

Sometimes life is so busy that it is hard to find time to do what we want in amongst all the stuff that we have to do. Little things can make all the difference. Eat what you want, watch or read something that fills you up. Wear what you want. Constantly doing what we ‘should’ wears us down and makes us dull. We loose our shine. We become dull and boring.

People who do what they want are interesting. They always have something they are excited about, something that fills them up and something to share. People who do what they ‘should’ become bored, dull and resentful of others.

Most women have been raised from avery early age to ‘be inservice to others’. Serving others and each other is something that I believe all humans benefit from but when it is your only function it doesn’t serve anyone. You become a martyr. A burden to those around you.

When was the last time your family saw you truly excited about something. Bubbling over with excitement about something you had planned to do? Our children are always watching us and our actions speak louder than our words. Children who live with motivated, interesting adults have more chance of becoming them than those bought up in a ‘system of shoulds’.

Make a list of stuff that makes you happy and start doing it - today!

Mikayla Whetton